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A Stunning–and Seamless–Log Home Addition in Texas
At his weekend ranch, a Texas physician brings new life to a decades-old log home, opening it up with a spacious addition.
Log Home Additions: What to Know
Here are a few important points to consider when planning a log home addition.
Ward Cedar Single-Level Floor Plan
Financing Facts
Why it's important to talk about money.
Log Home Floor Plans
Unique Single-Level Floor Plan Ideas
The secret to a perfect floor plan? We'll spell it out for you...
Great Expectations
What to expect when building a log home.
How to Plan Your New Log or Timber Home's Electrical Needs
Prepare for your electrical needs now and in the future while you are planning your log or timber home.
Creative Cabinetry
Cabinetry isn’t just for kitchens anymore. See how it can add storage and style to nearly every space in your home.
This Montana Log Home Got a Lodge Makeover
Rugged and refined elements come together to dramatic effect in a fashionable Montana renovation.
Country Style Measuring Cups
Finds Under $50 That Add a Little Country Charm to Your Cabin
These shippable and stylish pieces add farm-fresh style to your cabin at a flea-market-worthy price.
Your Guide to Wood (and Wood-Look!) Flooring
What’s new — and tried-and-true — in the world of wood and wood-look flooring.
This Yosemite Log Cabin Got a New Lease on Life
What started as a diminutive cabin built in the 1940s has grown in heart and size, becoming a treasured family heirloom.
Advantages of Local Banks vs. National Lenders
Keeping your financing close to home can have advantages.
Steal a Few Design Tips From This Great Room
This majestic log home's great room boasts more than a few good design ideas.
The Importance of Log Profiles in Design
Shape and corner systems are not only essential to log home construction; they make a design statement.
Strawberries Growing in a Container
Containers for Edible Gardens of Any Size
A few of our favorite containers that can bring a little green to any size space, from windowsills to backyard hobby farms:
Behind the Buzzword: Hybrid Homes
The inside scoop on what this buzzword means to log and timber home construction.
books on a shelf
Great Reads to Keep You Inspired at Home
Starting to run out of things to clean during social distancing? Check out eight of our favorite rustic home-inspired books (al...