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Log Home Maintenance

No matter what materials it’s made from, every house requires maintenance — log homes simply require a slightly different approach. Consider Log Home Living your all-inclusive guide to everything you need to know about log home maintenance.

Trends For Staining With Style
Stains and sealants can transform the look and feel of your home. Get the inside scoop on the hottest color trends — plus, tips for mixing and matching stain shades straight from the pros.
Preparing Your Log Home For Hurricane Season
While warm weather means summer adventures, it also means the start of hurricane season. If you live close to the coastline, it...
3 Design Ideas That Make Log Home Upkeep as Easy as Can Be
Three sound design strategies that can make log home upkeep oh-so easy.
Security Considerations for Off-Grid and Remote Homes
Rural log cabins and off-grid homes face different security challenges than their conventional counterparts. Here’s how to keep...
Dealing with Deer in Your Yard
Dealing with Deer and Other Critters
They’re wonderful to watch, but if you’re not careful, they can be tough on your turf.
Stain Guide for Log Homes
The Magnificent 7: Stain Guide
The finish you select for your logs or timbers matters. Use this overview to navigate your options.
Benefits of Using a High-Quality Finish on a Log Home
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In honor of National Log Homes Month, Log Home Living is giving you the chance to win a 2021 issue of the Log Home Buyers Guide.
Win a 2021 October/November Issue of Log & Timber Home Living
In honor of National Log Homes Month, Log Home Living is giving you the chance to win a 2021 October/November Issue of Log and...
The Log Home Authority
Join this on-demand webinar presented by Perma-Chink Systems.
The Secrets to Growing Strong Trees
Put a little effort into tree care today, and it will pay off for decades to come.
How to Generate Cleaner Indoor Air
5 Tips to Generate Cleaner Indoor Air
Use these tips and tricks to keep your indoor air clean and breathe a little easier.
5 Tips to Keep Your Log Home Warm This Winter
Follow these pointers for a log cabin that's nice and cozy this winter.
Time-Tested Ways to Seal and Protect Your Log Home
Five options to keep your log home looking–and functioning–its best.
Simple Steps to Keep Your Log Home in Tip-Top Shape
Follow these nine smart steps to make short work of your log home’s upkeep:
Log Home Deck DIY Cleanser Ideas
DIY Deck Cleansers for Your Log Home
After a summer of wear-and-tear, it's in your deck's best interest to give it a good cleaning before colder months arrive. Here...
How to Avoid the Most Common DIY Home Injuries
Thinking of tackling a home improvement project on your own? Be sure to take the appropriate precautions to make sure you don't...
Outdoor Design to Protect Your Home in Natural Disasters
You can’t prevent extreme weather and natural threats, but with strategic design, you can protect your log home from them.

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