Log Home Maintenance

No matter what materials it’s made from, every house requires maintenance — log homes simply require a slightly different approach. Consider Log Home Living your all-inclusive guide to everything you need to know about log home maintenance.

Log Home Fix-Its: DIY or Hire A Pro?
All homes suffer damage of one kind or another--but when it happens, do you DIY or hire a pro? Some repairs you can do yourself. Others will need an expert.
Old Log Home Restoration Tips
11 quick and simple questions if you're considering a log home restoration.
Inspection Checklist For Buying a Used Log Home
Four problems to watch out for when buying a used log home.
Restoring a Neglected Log Home
Take your log home from grunge to glory in 4 steps.
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Authentic Cabin Remodel | A Small Good Thing
This loving authentic cabin remodel stands tribute to its late owner’s vision.
Smart Landscaping Strategies to Protect Your Log Home from Wildfires
Protecting your log home from wildfires starts with strategic landscaping. Learn what you can do to safeguard your property:
From Antique Dutch Barn to Lone Star Lake House
From Antique Dutch Barn to Lone Star Lake House
A New York barn heads to Texas when a couple decides to build a secluded timber frame house for summertime.
Adding On to Your Log Home
Thinking about adding on to your log home? We ask building expert Jim Cooper to answer all your questions about log home additi...
Updating a Classic Maryland Log Cabin
A sharply pitched roof and a prow front allow for a living room with a soaring vaulted ceiling and large glass windows in this ...
Timeless Treasure: A Vintage Log Home in Georgia
Old logs find new life in a Georgia gem.
Time to Check Your Logs | Fall Log Home Maintenance Checklist
Fall is a great time to take inventory of how well your logs (along with the rest of your home's shell) are doing following the...
Restoring Historic Buildings on a Texas Ranch
Texas homeowners take to restoring historic buildings on their ranch — including a "dog-trot" log cabin.
10 Log Home Maintenance Myths
Ten of the most common log home maintenance myths debunked.
The Roof Maintenance You Need to Do Every Spring and Fall
These simple guidelines can help you regularly maintain your roof and avoid some serious problems down the road.
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When to Repair Your Log Home Yourself and When Not To
You can do many log home repairs yourself, but it's best to hire professionals for the big jobs.
Carpenter Bees
How To Get Rid of Carpenter Bees
These pests can wreak havoc on a wood home, but you can prevent or get rid of carpenter bees once and for all if you take these...
Closing Down Your Cabin for the Season
Here are a couple of essential points to help you start a checklist to remember what you're closing down in your cabin for the ...