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Floor Plan tips
20 Tips for the Perfect Floor Plan
The vision of your log home finally takes shape in the design phase.
Log Home Sacrifices
The Log Home Journey: The Sacrifices of Building a Log Home
The log home journey isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. And as Sean Murphy and his family discovered in the sacrifices of buildin...
Coventry Choosing Logs_701_2018-07-11_10-24
Choosing Logs
Deciding on a log package - One of the key moments in purchasing a log home. How do you know that you are making the right choice?
These Winter Finds Will Make Spirits Bright All Month
December is all about holidays and being with loved ones all season long. Make your log home an inviting and festive place by i...
Hang, Swing, Rock: Laid-back Furnishings
Set the scene for rest and relaxation with these pieces designed for kicking your feet up.
How to Stay Energy Efficient Amid Chillingly High Heating Costs This Winter
The average cost of home heating is expected to increase by 17.2% since last winter, according to the National Energy Assistanc...
Material Matters: The True Cost
Material Matters: The True Cost
The true cost of your new home is much more than what’s listed on the price tag; here’s how material choice adds up in the long...
Gift Guide 2022: Animal Lovers
For the pet parent who loves to take their fur friends everywhere, these products can make the trip more enjoyable, whether it'...
Log Home Design: Where to Begin?
A Q&A with Michael Grant of Modern Rustic Homes, a leading log and rustic-home design/build firm, steers the design conversatio...
How Do I Find the Best Builder Deal?
A builder’s time and expertise is valuable, but you also need a price you can work with. These fee-structure options can bring ...
Gift Guide 2022: Beach Goers
Whether your gift recipent lives full-time by the water or spends plenty of summers at a vacation home, these finds will bring ...
There's No Time Like the Present to Enjoy this Log Home
Why wait until retirement to enjoy the home of your dreams? That question prompted this couple to begin their log home journey ...
Prepping Your Water Heater and Plumbing for Winter
The holiday season is for visiting loved ones, eating delicious food and snuggling up by the fire in your log home. Emergency p...
Finishing Touches for Your Log Home
Still shopping for your favorite look? Let our collection of timeless finds from a variety of styles inspire you.
Gift Guide 2022: Adventurers
When your intended gift recipient enjoys exploring nature, these products are perfect for keeping them outdoors and in their ha...
Interior Design Advice from an Insider
Designer Lynn Fleming of Xact Interiors has extensive experience with log home interiors, and she has a few pro pointers to share.
Understanding Log Home Economics
A realistic (yet still optimistic) look at the current state of borrowing money for your dream home.
How Steel Log Siding Stacks Up Against the Elements
How Steel Log Siding Stacks Up Against the Elements
Sun, rain, snow, sleet, hail, frigid cold, and parching heat threaten ordinary exterior materials, but steel siding stands strong.

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