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This Tennessee Log Home Was Made for Family Life
A young family decides there’s no time like the present to build their Tennessee forever home.
Delicious Dining Room Design Ideas for Log Homes
We simply can't get enough of these stand-out dining spaces. Which is your favorite?
Our Top Tips for Energy Independence
There are a lot of really good reasons to go off the grid. Just be sure you have the right approach.
Step Inside This Dreamy Log Home Bedroom
Step Inside This Dreamy Log Home Bedroom
Whether you need a solid night’s sleep or a quick catnap, an exceptionally designed and built bedroom like this one is the stuf...
Writing a Personal Financial Statement
How to Write a Personal Financial Statement
Completing a personal financial statement doesn’t have to intimidate. We break it down into the main components to help you nav...
Straight Stuff on Exterior Steel Siding
Straight Stuff on Exterior Steel Siding
Long a staple of the commercial construction industry, exterior steel siding is finally coming into its own in the residential ...
Examining Exterior Options
Examining Exterior Options
Choosing the right home exterior leads to a lasting look and feel, one that exhibits pride of ownership while also providing th...
Home Design Trends - Episode Two
Home Design Trends - Episode Two
10 Factors to Consider as You Plan Your Forever Home
Houses may be permanent, but they don’t have to be static. These concepts will help you plan now for the unforeseen future.
Your Guide for Understanding Square Footage
Your Guide for Understanding Square Footage
Square footage in your log or timber home is often the first thing discussed during the planning phase.
The Myth and Method of Maintenance
The Myth and Method of Maintenance
The myth of the maintenance-free home is just that, a myth.
3 Design Ideas That Make Log Home Upkeep as Easy as Can Be
Three sound design strategies that can make log home upkeep oh-so easy.
Security Considerations for Off-Grid and Remote Homes
Rural log cabins and off-grid homes face different security challenges than their conventional counterparts. Here’s how to keep...
A Floor Plan Designed for Sharing
How a Contemporary Log Home Pulls Off Classic Cabin Style
Timeless details and a streamlined design combine with the warmth of this enduring all-wood home.
How to Get a Mortgage as a Self-Employed Borrower
The Saga of the Self-Employed Borrower
How owning your own business impacts your ability to secure a home loan.
The Ultimate Guide to Log and Timber Home Ceilings
Shatter your preconceptions about what a log or timber home ceiling is supposed to be.
How to Design Your Home With Pets in Mind
Build a log or timber home that all family members are sure to love.

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