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One Expert's Advice for Moving to the Country
One Expert's Advice for Moving to the Country
A log-and-timber industry insider shares his observations (and advice) about the growing urge to leave big cities behind in pursuit of a simpler, more pastoral life.
A Rustic Log Home Bathroom, Built for Relaxation
A Rustic Log Home Bathroom, Built for Relaxation
The perfect blend of wood and stone elevates the humble bathroom into a place of rustic relaxation. Here are a few smart ideas ...
Reader Spotlight: Revisiting a Log Home Renovation
Revisiting old friends as they complete Phase 2 of their cabin’s remodel.
4 Easy Ways to Add Instant Curb Appeal
4 Easy Ways to Add Instant Curb Appeal
Here's how to create a lasting impression with your log or timber home:
Lighting Ideas to Maximize Curb Appeal (and Security!)
Our Top Tips for Adding Exterior Lighting to Log Homes
Strategically placed lights can enhance your landscape’s features and increase your home’s safety and security.
Understanding Recording Fees & Taxes
Completing the real estate process, local and state authorities collect their due when it comes time to record your purchase.
Restore Log Walls Before / After
Expert Advice: How to Restore and Repair Log Walls
An expert's insights into four common log home concerns:
Moosehead Cedar Log Homes
Industry News: Pleasant River Lumber Co. Purchases Moosehead Cedar Log Homes
Should You Hire an Interior Designer for Your Log Home?
A log home pro shares how she learned the real value of an interior designer.
How Design Your Dream Log Home
8 Tips to Design Your Dream Home
Follow these eight smart steps to design success.
Reader Spotlight: A Cozy Cabin in Georgia
Every day feels like a holiday once a former globetrotter settled into his cozy cabin.
An Ambitious Addition for a Lakefront Log Cabin
An impressive addition to a tiny island log home creates a welcoming lakefront retreat for family and friends.
Dirt to Done: The Big Reveal
Dirt to Done: The Big Reveal
This Wisconsin bachelor pad set the stage for romance and, now, married bliss in this final installation (the big reveal!) of o...
Log Home Floor Plans
11 Little Floor Plans With Big Ideas
These petite floor plans make their mark in a big way.
Hochstetler - Log Home Basic Training20210104
Webinar: Log Home Basic Training
Featured: Distinctive Home in California
A Distinctive Log Home in California
Deep in the heart of giant sequoia country, a white pine log ranch stands out from the crowd.
Featured Image - Organized Cabin Kitchen
Storage Solutions for Small Cabin Kitchens
Try some of these for a kitchen that’s cozy, not cluttered!
Savvy Gadgets for Off-the-Grid Cabins
Savvy Gadgets for Off-the-Grid Cabins
If a cabin in the middle of nowhere sounds perfect to you, these savvy gadgets and appliances will help you make the most of th...

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