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Plan Your Log Home

Planning a log home or log cabin involves more than just the floor plan; here you'll find expert advice on everything you need to get started, including budgeting, buying land, geographic regions, choosing logs, and more.

3 Keys to a Happier, Healthier Home Design
The world is hectic. It’s hard to keep up the pace, so it’s vital that the places we live provide a calming sanctuary where we can simply relax.
Making a Larger Floor Plan Work for You
There are plenty of reasons to go big with your design – from work-from-home lifestyles to multi-generational living.
Take Your Floor Plan From Basic to Brilliant
Peek inside three stock-to-custom transformations to see how you can customize a floor plan to suit your lifestyle and location.
The Winning Plans of the 2023 Jerry Rouleau Awards
Awarded by the National Association of Home Builders for their exceptional approach to design, these 6 plans have risen above t...
Making the Most of a Small Footprint
When you're working with a smaller square footage, it's important to be strategic with your planning.
What to Know About Mound Septic Systems
That grassy knoll on your property may be much more than a topographical contour. Here’s what you need to know about mound sept...
Are ADU's Right For You?
These places are almost always separate, self-contained, detached or semi-detached buildings that often include the basics of a...
Working With Uncharted Territory
Unspoiled, undeveloped land is prime log and timber real estate, but there are a few unfamiliar factors to consider as you prep...
Saving Money Without Compromising Your Dream
Having and sticking to a realistic budget prevents your log or timber dream home from becoming a nightmare.
Along in Years: Our 40th Anniversary Celebration
What’s changed (and what hasn’t) over our 40 years in the log and timber biz from the industry insiders who know it best.
This New England Home Embodies Western Romance
The owners yearned to bring Western inspiration back home to New England, and the couple achieved that aesthetic in a ranch-sty...
Be Wise As You Downsize
There’s a lot of misinformation about building small. We confront 5 of the most common myths and set the story straight.
Floor Plans for All Phases of Life
What are the keys to a home that will transition through life with you? We’ve got the inside scoop.
Housing Demand Predictions and Hot Updates from Design & Construction Week
An update on the latest industry news from Design & Construction Week’s tenth anniversary event in Las Vegas.
Home by Extension
After a two-and-a-half-year disruption from the pandemic, homeowners are seeking to expand their living quarters in fun (and po...
Creating a First-Rate Second Place
Building a second home can be a winning and affordable proposition. Here’s how.
Understanding Log Home Economics
A realistic (yet still optimistic) look at the current state of borrowing money for your dream home.
Floor Plans for Everyone
Trying to decide the size, shape and style of the plan that fits you best? These 6 layouts showcase the diversity of log home d...

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