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Should You Hire an Interior Designer for Your Log Home?
A log home pro shares how she learned the real value of an interior designer.
How Design Your Dream Log Home
8 Tips to Design Your Dream Home
Follow these eight smart steps to design success.
Reader Spotlight: A Cozy Cabin in Georgia
Every day feels like a holiday once a former globetrotter settled into his cozy cabin.
An Ambitious Addition for a Lakefront Log Cabin
An impressive addition to a tiny island log home creates a welcoming lakefront retreat for family and friends.
Dirt to Done: The Big Reveal
Dirt to Done: The Big Reveal
This Wisconsin bachelor pad set the stage for romance and, now, married bliss in this final installation (the big reveal!) of o...
Log Home Floor Plans
11 Little Floor Plans With Big Ideas
These petite floor plans make their mark in a big way.
Hochstetler - Log Home Basic Training20210104
Webinar: Log Home Basic Training
Featured: Distinctive Home in California
A Distinctive Log Home in California
Deep in the heart of giant sequoia country, a white pine log ranch stands out from the crowd.
Featured Image - Organized Cabin Kitchen
Storage Solutions for Small Cabin Kitchens
Try some of these for a kitchen that’s cozy, not cluttered!
Savvy Gadgets for Off-the-Grid Cabins
Savvy Gadgets for Off-the-Grid Cabins
If a cabin in the middle of nowhere sounds perfect to you, these savvy gadgets and appliances will help you make the most of th...
See Why This Floor Plan Is the "Swiss Army Knife" of Homes
6 Must-Have Design Features for Your Forever Home
Budgeting for a Retirement Home
Financing the Future
With a little preparation, your forever home — and the years of enjoyment that come with it — are within reach.
Log Home ADU
Designing a Home for Multiple Generations
Whether you’re accommodating several generations under one roof or leaving a legacy house for those yet to come, family is the ...
This Cozy Cabin Makes for the Ideal Tennessee Mountain Home
Surrounded by a glittering mountain resort town, one couple finds their treasured cabin a comforting refuge.
Log Cabin Ornaments
On-Theme Ornaments for Log Cabin Christmas Trees
These festive finds run the spectrum from rustic to totally refined–just like log homes. Add one (or many!) of these to your tree!
Dirt to Done: Finish Strong
As Zach Parmeter’s home building journey winds down, get inspired with a glimpse at the interior finishes of his log-and-timber...
Featured Image: Zakopane in the Sierras
Reader Spotlight: Zakopane in the Sierras
About an hour north of Tahoe, in an area known at the Lost Sierra, Paul Bolt and his family built a cabin that is both an homag...

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