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Learn about all of the terms you need to know when planning, building and designing your home.

Sifting through the spectrum of unfamiliar home terms can sometimes be a daunting task, but not to worry! We've got you covered. Here you will find our ever-growing lexicon of home-related vocabulary, so you can spend less time in the dictionary, and more time planning your dream home.


Independent or company representatives who provide design, sales and possibly construction services.

Butt and Pass Corner

A style used in log home construction. One log stops where it meets an intersecting log, and the other log extends past the corner. In most, passing logs have a mortise (cutout) into which the butt log fits for a tight corner.


The strip of material between logs designed to seal the space while adding a distinctive look. Sometimes used solely for looks.

Corner Post

A type of corner used in log home construction. A post is found at each corner into which grooves are cut to hold log ends. it looks very similar to post-and-beam construction.


Corners are made by log intersections that are a signature feature of the log-home look. Corner styles are: intersecting, interlocking, and overlapping.

Dovetail Corner

A style used in log home construction. This style is used with square or rectangular logs. The corner is cut in a fan-shaped wedge and interlocks with perpendicular logs.

Drying Methods

Methods to season logs and improve their stability, either naturally (air-drying) or by acceleration (kiln-drying).


Screws, nails or bolts used to hold stacked logs to each other to form the wall unit.


A certification, typically by a third-party agency, of the structural suitability of logs for use as walls and window or door headers.

Handcrafted Logs

Tree trunks that are hewn or peeled using hand tools to form logs.

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