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Build Your Log Home

Expert advice for building a log home or log cabin, including advice on log home construction, energy-efficient building, roofing options, windows, insulation tips, wood & log choices, landscaping and log home kit options.

The Log Home Journey: The Sacrifices of Building a Log Home
The log home journey isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. And as Sean Murphy and his family discovered in the sacrifices of building a log home, perseverance and patience go a long way to crossing the finish line.
Dirt to Done: Home Smarts
Jim and Michele Ducharme tackle a few final projects themselves, putting their smart-home know-how to work as their build winds...
Dirt to Done: A Strong Finish
Jim and Michele Ducharme select finishing materials that hint at nostalgia as they head toward the completion of their future h...
Coventry Dirt to Done Video: Episode Two
Coventry Dirt to Done Video: Episode Two
Join us for an interview with Mark Elliott of Coventry Log Homes and writer Mike Haskew as part of our "Dirt to Done" series. I...
Be Wise As You Downsize
There’s a lot of misinformation about building small. We confront 5 of the most common myths and set the story straight.
How to Start a Truly Organic Garden
Why to consider growing organic, and where to begin.
Dirt to Done: From Mechanicals to Masonry
Jim and Michele Ducharme make several complex decisions about how their home looks and performs.
Home by Extension
After a two-and-a-half-year disruption from the pandemic, homeowners are seeking to expand their living quarters in fun (and po...
Creating a First-Rate Second Place
Building a second home can be a winning and affordable proposition. Here’s how.
Dirt to Done Webinar: Behind the Scenes of Building a Dream Log Home
Get an inside look at the process of planning, designing and building a real log home in this free, on-demand webinar featuring...
Dirt to Done: Can I Get a Raise?
The day the logs are erected is a banner step in the log home building process. Jim and Michele Ducharme share their experience.
How to Stay Energy Efficient Amid Chillingly High Heating Costs This Winter
The average cost of home heating is expected to increase by 17.2% since last winter, according to the National Energy Assistanc...
How Do I Find the Best Builder Deal?
A builder’s time and expertise is valuable, but you also need a price you can work with. These fee-structure options can bring ...
Dirt to Done: Set Your Sites on Success
Jim and Michele Ducharme take the crucial next step of their log home odyssey — they prepare the property for construction.
Coventry Dirt to Done Video: Episode One
As part of our "Dirt to Done" series, join us for an interview with Coventry's Mark Elliott and writer Mike Haskew as they talk...
Dirt to Done: The Best Laid Plans
With feet firmly grounded in the present but an eye turned toward the future, the Ducharmes embark on one of the most exciting ...
Curb Enthusiasm: Breaking Down Exterior Styles
From mountain-modern to midcentury, we identify the exterior details that define 5 favorite exterior styles.
Dirt to Done: The Maine Event
Our popular project chronicle is back with a brand-new log home! Follow along the journey of planning, designing and building a...

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