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Storage Solutions for Every Space

Does the thought of spring cleaning make you cringe? Get organized with these helpful hints for every room of the house.

storage solutions for every space

When dreaming up the perfect amenities for a new log home, not many people think, “All I want is a huge pantry.” Sure, storage isn’t the sexiest design element in the world, but it does help your beautiful new dwelling stay as clean and tidy as move-in day.

    So what’s the secret to maintaining an orderly abode? Two simple little words: built-ins. Read on for a few of our favorite built-in storage ideas to discuss with your designer. And fear not: If you’re currently dealing with a post-construction mess, we have a few home organization tips for you, too.

storage for the kitchen

KitchenWhile You Design
More than any other room in the house, kitchen storage and organization should be customized for how you use the space. Make every inch of cabinet and counter space work for you by building inspecialized storage for the items you use the most. For the master baker, having your trusty stand mixer within reach is a must. Cabinetmakers can install a pull-out shelf that will fold neatly away when you’re not mixing it up.

    Other ideas? If you like to watch the evening news while you make dinner, build a TV into a cabinet that faces your prep area. Anything that you use a lot—cutting boards, cookie trays, that 10-inch saute pan—should have a place of its own that’s always within reach.

storage for the great room

While You Design
great roomOpen, two-story great rooms are all the rage, and just imagine the built-in possibilities with all of that space. First, assess how you plan to use the room. Will it be a social spot? If so, you might want to incorporate extra seating by way of a window seat, with storage underneath for board games, DVDs or pillows. If TV and movies are staples on your agenda, consider building in a wall unit for all of the necessary electronics.

    If the hearth is going to be the heart of the room, don’t forget about storage for wood. Your mason can carve out a space for stashing firewood as well as a place for your fireplace tools. If you hope to spend many a night reading by the fire, think about built-in bookshelves. If you have an expansive literary collection, you can build as high as your ceiling—just be sure to figure out a way to get to the top!

storage for the bedroom

While You Design
bedroomBefore you can figure out your bedroom storage needs, you’ll first need to figure out who will be using it. A guest room may not need ample closet space, but your visitors will certainly appreciate built-in shelves for bedtime-reading materials, sheets and towels. For the kids’ room, under- or in-bed storage works well because it’s on their level—no having to call for help to get Barbie down from the closet’s top shelf.

    And for your very own bedroom retreat? Anything you desire … that’s why it’s called the master bedroom. A closet-cum-dressing-room for the clotheshorse? An in-footboard storage spot that houses a flatscreen TV for the technophile? The sky’s the limit. And don’t forget about built-in displays for those personal collections and tchotchkes. From Great-Aunt Edna’s quilt to your spouse’s assorted collegiate shot glasses, every little thing can have its place.

storage for the bathroombathroom

While You Design
No one wants to allot precious square footage for the bathroom that could be better used someplace else, say, the master bedroom. So what’s the solution to keeping these smaller spaces neat and tidy? If you’re working with non-log interior walls, use the space between studs for in-wall shelves. This way, you’ll be adding storage spots without taking up floor space. Try to figure in a cubby by the shower to stash extra towels and oversized shampoo bottles. Or find a spot near the commode for candles, reading materials and knickknacks.

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