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See the Home Ideas Everybody's Talking About

What home design or improvement ideas have people talking? See the list below and how you can incorporate these into your home too.


Everybody's Talking About... Healthier Cooking

 Steam ovens cook food faster than conventional models, the technology offers better flavor, enhanced color and healthier cooking by locking in nutrients. Photo courtesy of Smeg.


In the vast field of cooking gadgets and gizmos out there, each promising us it will save time and allow us to live healthier lives, it can be hard to tell the sizzle from the steak. But one appliance that modern kitchens shouldn’t be without is a steam oven, such as the Classic Series “SFU4302VCX” from Smeg. Not only do steam ovens cook food faster than conventional models, the technology offers better flavor, enhanced color and healthier cooking by locking in nutrients. This Smeg steam oven offers 1.77 cubic feet capacity with 14 cooking modes, including baking, broiling and defrosting. The oven also features Smeg’s “Vapor-Clean” system and true European convection, and its sleek design blends in with any kitchen style. 

Learn more at smeg.com/us/products/SFU4302VCX.


Everybody's Talking About... Transitional Details

 Designers describe "transitional" as a blend of contemporary and traditional motifs. Photo courtesy of Wood-Mode.


When considering design options for a home, owners are familiar with terms like, “modern,” “country” and “rustic.” In recent years, the term “transitional” has been added to the lexicon — but what the heck does it mean? Designers describe it as a blend of contemporary and traditional motifs. In terms of decor, the style bridges several decades, so it has a long shelf-life while continuing to feel fresh. It’s neither too stuffy, nor too casual.

Materials manufacturers have embraced this style, including (and especially) cabinetmakers, and Wood-Mode is leading that charge. So much so that they’ve coined a new name — “Moditional” — for their collection of transitional cabinetry. The look is at once sophisticated and familiar, trimmed with beveled molding for subtle detailing and offered in a section of wood tones to match any color scheme.

Learn more about the variety of style and color options at wood-mode.com.


Everybody's Talking About... High Velocity HVAC Systems

A standard HVAC system takes up a lot of space – both in terms of the unit, itself, and the ductwork required to get the conditioned air to your rooms. Opting for a high-velocity HVAC is a game changer. “A high velocity HVAC is one-third the size of a conventional system, as is the flexible tubing. Traditional bulky ducts are eliminated,” says Scott Intagliata, co-owner of Unico, a leading manufacturer of these systems. “It can fit anywhere.”

In homes where mechanicals need to be wedged into a compact space (or in log and timber homes where hiding ducts is challenging), high velocity HVACs may be the answer. As Scott says, “Our system fits your design — you don’t have to design your home to fit our system.” Add to that their exceptional performance (they have a leak rate of less than 3 percent, compared to 20-30 percent for a standard forced-air unit), as well as their super-quiet operation, and high velocity systems just make sense.   

Learn more about the benefits of high velocity HVAC systems at unicosystem.com.


Everybody's Talking About... Almost-Invisible Solar

One of the barriers to adopting solar energy systems has been the obtrusive collection panels. In recent years, manufacturers have developed small solar shingles that integrate into an asphalt roof system, and while fantastic, this product didn’t benefit the standing-seam metal roofs common to log and timber frame homes. 

That’s all changed. Sunflare’s PowerFit 20 is a light, thin, flexible and nearly invisible solar panel that brings energy without the ugly. Specifically designed for metal roofs, the powerful panels lie flat, nestling in between the seams. Each PowerFit panel is 60 watts, is seamlessly connected to cover whatever length the roof demands and can be installed fast without penetrating the roof itself.

Learn more at sunflaresolar.com/powerfit20.


Everybody's Talking About... The Color Green

You may have noticed a common theme in this year’s official color palette: Everybody’s going green. Whether for a timber-framed ranch on a prairie or a log cabin in the woods, a verdant color scheme is ideal in the natural settings where you’ll find so many of these dream homes. If you’re lucky enough to live in a log home, skip the paint and infuse your space with earthy hues via textiles, fixtures and furnishings in these striking shades.


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