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Plants Made for the Shade

Does your property have spots that rarely see the sun? With strategic plant selection and thoughtful features, your yard will be made in the shade.

Written by Elizabeth Millard
If you’re like most homeowners, your property likely has a mix of sun and shade, allowing you a breadth of options for plantings. But what about those spots that never see the sun? They might be in tight corners where sunlight is blocked by your log or timber home itself, or if your house is in the forest, they could be beneath the trees, if there’s a significant canopy.
Happily, you don’t need to fill those areas with mulch and move on. We offer a selection of tried-and-true plants that thrive in cool, shady areas and will enliven even the darkest nooks and crannies.
Like other parts of a home’s landscape, hardscape features like a small walkway; a birdbath; benches and hammocks; and trellises with shade-loving ivy will transform a seldom-used spot into a sought-after destination. Also, since it’s always darker in the shade no matter the time of day, adding strategic lighting in the form of small lanterns along a walkway or path can be especially striking and extend its use from day into night.
Take these tips to heart and you just might find yourself cultivating the perfect little out-of-the-sun retreat.

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