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Making a Solid Choice With Furniture

Double down on the natural aesthetic in your log home with solid-wood pieces that will stand the test of time.


  Photo: Tahu bulat- adobe.stock.com


While it’s easy to see the appeal of wood decor in a home comprised of the very same material, you may be surprised to know wood furniture comes with benefits beyond rustic good looks. We spoke with Bethany Bauer, the product manager of furniture at Design House, to get the scoop on what makes this choice so popular.



Wood furnishings never go out of style, no matter the design of your interior. “These pieces can be passed down from generation to generation, so more classic pieces can be a good choice to withstand changing trends,” says Bethany.



While manufactured wood can chip, peel or warp, real wood furniture will endure through the years, when properly cared for.



The look of knots, bumps and texture adds character and visual interest, and no two pieces will ever be the same.



Beyond reducing waste with their durability, solid-wood furnishings are biodegradable and renewable, making them even more eco-friendly. “Choosing real wood allows you to maximize the life of your furniture, so that you can avoid the environmental and financial implications of replacing key pieces every few years,” Bethany adds.



A simple sanding and refining process can make wood look new again if disaster strikes or daily wear and tear simply takes its toll over time.


Now that you’ve got the why, what about the how? To add more wooden furniture to your home, start by thinking about what pieces make sense for your space. Thanks to wood’s durability, you can confidently choose high-use pieces like coffee tables or desks.

Then comes the fun part: shopping around for the perfect fit. “Personal design style tends to be the most important factor in furniture-buying decisions,” Bethany says. “Because no two pieces of wood are identical, it’s important to consider the natural characteristics in wood that make each piece unique. These differences will appeal to many different styles and will help individuals decide what design style suits their needs, whether modern, traditional or rustic.”

You may have log long-term care on your radar, but what about extending the life of your home’s wood furnishings? It’s easier than you think. To avoid dust, a weekly wipe down with wood cleaner will keep things neat. Expect some patina over time, as edges may appear a little worn, and wood develops a natural sheen as it ages. Finally, to avoid damage from heat and sunlight, keep pieces a reasonable distance from vents, fireplaces and uncovered windows. 


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