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5 Tips for Creating a Warm Welcome

Whether you’re walking through the front foyer or a family mudroom, make sure your home is warm and welcoming.

Written by Donna Peak
You know what they say about first impressions: You get one shot to make a good one. The thing is that most modern log and timber homes actually give you two chances to impress – the formal foyer (where you welcome guests) and a casual mudroom (where residents typically enter). 
Both areas should be adequately sized, thoughtfully designed and, above all else, inviting. Use our five super-smart strategies and the three outstanding examples above as inspiration for your own log or timber entryway.
1. Don’t wait to establish the mood of your home after you walk through the front door. Set the stage as you approach the house, using your walkway, landscaping and front porch to create a seamless transition between outdoors and in. If you’re coming into a mudroom off the garage, don’t ignore decor just because it’s “only seen by family.” Treat yourself to an exceptional space the same way you’d greet your guests.
2. Resist the urge to overcrowd your foyer. A bench or chair, a console table and a coat rack or small closet are all you really need to deal with the daily process of entering and exiting your home. A mudroom is prime real estate for organizers and built-in shelving with hooks for handbags and backpacks.
3. Your log or timber home’s foyer is the introduction to the rest of the house, so design and decorate it in a way that’s consistent with the primary living areas. For example, don’t give it a cabin vibe if the rest of your home is mountain-modern style.
4. Chandeliers and sconces are impressive additions, but it’s essential to ensure your entryway has adequate light so it’s safe and easy to use. Integrating recessed can lights will brighten the space without interfering with your statement fixtures.
5. Whether it’s a work of art, a family photo or an oversized wall mirror, incorporate a focal point to give the foyer an anchor. (Hint: A mirror will go a long way to visually enlarge the space and let you check your look on your way in or out.)

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