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A Log Home Highlighting Native Content

A passion for Native American art and all things outdoors led the owners to life in a log home. This homegrown great room is at the heart of it all.



Home by Real Log Homes

Photo by Epic Foto Group


1. The living area combines round and flat logs, smooth and hewn finishes and even a little bit of skip peeling on the rafters overhead. The varied shapes and textures give the space character while the consistent stain color unifies it.

2. The home’s staircase was originally designed to protrude into the center of the great room. A smart, last minute change order pushed the stairs toward the wall and expanded the living area.

3. The wood-burning fireplace is faced with manufactured stone veneer, which is lighter than actual stone, but the dry-stacked application mimics the real thing. 

4. The room’s windows are so tall they look like sliding doors at first glance. Simple blinds provide privacy and sun protection when needed, but for a cleaner appearance, draperies were excluded from the decor plans.

5. Thanks to the clerestory windows near the roofline, as well as the antler chandelier, table lamp and torchiere, the space is bright and lively day or night. 


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