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Concrete Flooring That's Perfect for Wood Homes

An innovative flooring option for durable, stylish, pet-proof floors:

Photo: Bob Melland
We’re all looking for ways to make housekeeping easier. Vacuuming rugs and scrubbing tile grout don’t exactly rank high on most people’s lists of favorite weekend tasks. If you’re looking to make light work of cleaning while having a beautiful, durable and super trendy flooring option, think about treating yourself to decorative, ultra-thin concrete — right on top of your current flooring material or existing subfloor.
In the past, decorative concrete placed over wood floors was problematic. Building codes required the floors to be 1.5-inches thick. Standard wood floor joists had to be beefed up to carry the weight of the concrete.
But Bob Melland, a Denver architect, observed that, “When floors deflect under a load, they only can move vertically, while concrete only moves horizontally, usually from shrinkage. Why not attach the concrete to the floor and eliminate the movement in the concrete?”
After a few years of experimentation, Bob developed “ThinCreet,” which uses a mechanical strip that bonds the concrete to the subfloor and virtually eliminates cracks. Typically, most of the floors placed under Bob’s planning and supervision are three-quarters-of-an-inch thin; require no subfloor reinforcements or demolition; and are seamless, providing you with a smooth surface that’s easy to maintain and pet resilient. The floors are thin enough that their weight can be carried easily by standard wood floors and their thickness doesn’t require any adjustments to door height. Plus, if you have a radiant in-floor heating system, concrete is a good conductor of the thermal energy, so your concrete floor will never feel cold.
Want to learn more? Contact Bob Melland at robertmelland@outlook.com.

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