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Savvy Gadgets for Off-the-Grid Cabins

If a cabin in the middle of nowhere sounds perfect to you, these savvy gadgets and appliances will help you make the most of the simple life.

Goedeker’s off-the-grid liquid propane sealed burner range features a battery-powered ignition system, four burners, one oven and a storage drawer to give you the full scope of cooking options. $786.99, goedekers.com
The Vosker V200 weatherproof, motion-activated solar cellular camera allows you to monitor the cabin when you’re not there. The cordless, LTE-operable surveillance doesn’t require Wi-Fi or hardwiring to transmit photos to your smartphone. Each camera comes with a built-in solar panel for outdoor use (or battery power for indoors) and sets up in just 5 minutes. amazon.com
The Sharper Image portable solar cooker uses the sun’s energy to prepare foods in as little as 10 minutes — no fuel or open flame needed. Bake, boil or fry food, even in cloudy weather. Perfect for hiking, camping, the beach or any off-the-grid meal prep. $279.99, sharperimage.com
Incinolet toilets require no pumping, no shoveling, no water and no chemicals — they incinerate waste. Two finishes, white (shown) and stainless are available. Starting at $1,929, incinolet.com

TIP: Keep it Simple

When drafting a cottage or cabin — whether it’s an off-the-grid vacation retreat or a cozy full-time home — get the most from your square footage (and your budget) by keeping the design simple and linear. You’ll be amazed at how strategically placed rectangles can result in really interesting floor plans. Use elements like bump-outs or curves sparingly. Complexity costs money and may result in wasted square footage.

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