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Where Your Energy-Consumption Dollars Go

Plus, how to save both energy and money.

Source: Energystar.gov
If you’re like most people, you’re already doing a variety of things to cut down on energy use. Even the simplest tactics, such as lowering the heat at night, can save a bundle. To help you save even more, Consumers Energy put together a guide of more than 100 things you can do to make your home more energy efficient and keep more money in your pocket. Here are 10 to start with:
  1. Vinyl shades and quilted curtains help cut heat loss. Shutters and blinds don’t work as well because air travels through their open spaces.

  2. Adding blown-in cellulose or batts of fiberglass insulation in your attic is one of the most cost-effective savings measures and something you can do yourself.

  3. Close the damper when the fireplace isn’t being used. About 14 percent of air escapes your home through the fireplace chimney.

  4. In the market for a new gas stove? Choose a model with electronic igniters instead of pilot lights for the highest efficiency.

  5. Choose light bulbs carefully. LEDs use 80 percent less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and last 15 times longer.

  6. Don’t overheat your home and overwork your furnace. Use supplemental heating equipment for hard-to-heat areas.

  7. Wi-Fi enabled thermostats allow you to control your home’s heating and cooling remotely through your smartphone. Many smart thermostats learn your temperature preferences and establish a schedule that automatically adjusts to energy saving temperatures when you’re asleep or away.

  8. Install your air conditioner in the shade. When it’s in direct sunlight, it uses more energy.

  9. Because frozen food stays cold longer than air, it’s good to keep your freezer full, but not packed. You’ll save energy by placing water-filled containers in empty spaces.

  10. Ceiling fans set at slow speed push warm air away from the ceiling and move it around the room without creating a chilling breeze, spreading the heat more evenly and making you feel more comfortable.

We’ve highlighted 10 of our favorite tips here, but you can get the full frugal list at consumersenergy.com!

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