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This Book is the Ultimate Guide to Reclaimed Wood

A must-read for log home lovers.

Reclaimed Wood: A Field Guide
By Alan Solomon and Klaas Armster
Photos by Michel Arnaud
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Modern log homes are much more than simply trees that were felled, cut and scribed to make a house. The vast majority of today’s log abodes also feature reclaimed wood either as accents, truss-systems or even the complete structure. The combination of salvaged timbers with freshly sawn logs can take a residence from new construction to family heirloom in a heartbeat.
Though many buyers know they want the vintage-wood look, most don’t realize how many options actually exist or how to recognize what they are when they see them. From time-worn railroad trellises to repurposed mushroom board — even recycled bowling alley planks — how do you explain to your builder precisely the sort of reclaimed wood you want if you don’t know how to reference it?
"Reclaimed Wood: A Field Guide, by Klaas Armster and Alan Solomon" takes the guesswork out of the conversation.
Laced with beautifully photographed images by Michel Arnaud (as well as a smattering of historical shots), Solomon and Armster dive into the legacy of forestry in North America as a connection to reclaimed wood’s roots. But even more importantly for the home buyer, the book truly is a reference guide, showing samples of various reclaimed pieces up close and giving detailed explanations as to each one’s origin and unique characteristics. There’s even a section for the DIYer as to how to salvage, clean and finish repurposed wood yourself, as well as dozens of examples of how the pros have used it in design and construction around the world.
For anyone passionate about timbers, this brand new guide is a must.

Get it here: $20.49, Hardcover, 240 pages


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