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PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes Goes International

Beautiful log homes are sought after around the world. PrecisionCraft Log and Timber Homes is working to share their passion with log home enthusiasts worldwide.

Written by Griffin Suber
PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes Goes International

Many of us grew up with a dream of owning the quintessential secluded log retreat; someplace nestled in the mountains or along a lake where the world can’t reach us. That dream is not uniquely North American. In fact, the roots of log home construction are firmly planted in the Old World, not the New. Russia, Scandinavia, Germany, France and many other countries on the other side of the pond were the true pioneers when it came to building with logs, and many of these centuries-old structures still stand today.

Since the early 1990s, PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes has been adding to that global tradition, exporting its designs all over the world to unexpected and exotic locales such as Taiwan, Greece, Australia and Japan. Their international clients want the “Western American” aesthetic that has come to symbolize strength and self-reliance.
This majestic log and timber home was designed and fabricated in Boise, Idaho, then shipped to its Mediterranean location.
From the balmy Caribbean to the frozen tundra, PrecisionCraft goes to great lengths to customize their designs to fit their clients’ varied environments. By working in a wide range of countries with many different sets of frustrating building codes, PrecisionCraft’s construction team has learned the importance of flexibility. “The biggest differences,” says Celeste Raygosa, design manager of M.T.N Design, PrecisionCraft’s architectural arm, “are in the spaces within the home – particularly their size and how rooms interact with each other.” For example, overseas clients tend to prefer kitchens that are compartmentalized and separated from common spaces, as opposed to the open-concept layout that is so sought-after stateside.
By working in a wide variety of countries, PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes has learned the importance of design flexibility.

Though the interior design may be diverse, one thing remains the same: The desire for an all-natural log home. The demand for a mail-order escapist dream home, customized and shipped from a facility in Boise, Idaho, to anywhere in the world, is not only a testament to PrecisionCraft’s logistical mastery, it’s a clear indicator of the appeal of American-style log home living, here and abroad.

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