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If You’re Considering a Pool, This Book Is a Must-Read

Dive into this recommended read to learn more about natural swimming pools and why they're such a great fit for log homes.

A backyard swimming pool is a refreshing addition to any home (not to mention an excellent insurance policy that the grandkids will visit often). However, log home owners typically crave a very natural landscape, and an oversized, bright blue, chlorinated-water-filled tub may not fit in with that vision. Solution? A natural swimming pool. And if you’re looking for an in-depth guide covering everything from design and materials to sustaining water quality, look no further than “How to Build a Natural Swimming Pool” by Wolfram Kircher and Andreas Thon.
In addition to helping you create a perfect natural pool, the authors also offer tips on how to tackle undesirable guests (think mosquitoes and reptiles), removing or preventing algae and general upkeep.
To surround the water’s edge (and give your pool the ultimate indigenous vibe) you need plants, and this book has that covered in its extensive vegetation guide, detailing the soil needs, sun tolerance and a host of other characteristics for more than 200 plants and flowers.
Nearly every page is peppered with vivid color photos and helpful charts and schedules that will enable you to blend hours of fun in the sun with the picture-perfect landscape you always envisioned for your log home.
Buy it:
How to Build a Natural Swimming Pool, by Wolfram Kircher and Andreas Thon; Available at major booksellers. [$45.00, Hardcover, 328 pages]

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