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Log Home Game Room Decor

Let your inner child be your guide when decorating a log home game room.

By Donna Peak


Let’s face it — log homes lend themselves to certain kinds of decor more than others. If you love log homes, chances are you also love nature, the outdoor lifestyle and all things rustic. The main living areas of your home likely reflect these passions.

But a game room is where you can break away from the expected, inject a note of whimsy, have a little fun. After all, that’s the intention of the space. Follow the rules below to create a recreational area that functions well and lookss great.


An open-concept basement can look more like a rummage sale than a rec room if there isn’t a cohesive decorating theme. From classic cars to tiki bars, choose a topic that speaks to your interests, and let that concept monopolize your overall decor scheme. Keep in mind that there can be too much of a good thing. The key to success is to do it up, but don’t overdo it.



If your dedicated gaming area is compartmentalized or has twists and turns in the floor plan (even an L-shaped space would qualify), then you can mix up your decor a bit.

Consider focusing the largest area on your favorite sports team, complete with a downsized version of a JumboTron hi def TV — or multiple TVs for the Fantasy Sports junkie in your family.

Pool tables, foosball, framed jerseys, autographed memorabilia and team colors and mascots all belong in this spot.

A private room located just off of this space makes for the perfect poker room — a la Las Vegas high-stakes style.

Around a corner, in a more intimate spot, a wine bar featuring a tasting table and a decorative, climate-controlled cellar would serve up the perfect locale for more sophisticated soirees.

A nook that seems too small to do anything with could make an ideal cubby for kids and grandkids. Giving them their own dedicated (and decorated) space will help keep toys from creeping into adult areas.

The Game of Life

Regardless of theme, if you don’t invest in high-quality, comfortable and appropriate furniture, your game room won’t see a lot of action. And it’s not just the cushions that have to be comfy.

Good log home furniture placement is essential to making it livable. For example, if a media room is on your wish list and you are planning for theater-style seats, also consider building risers to accommodate the chairs. Then back-row spectators won’t have to crane their necks for an unobstructed view.

For blockbuster comfort, opt for reclining theater seating. They’re all the rage — even in actual movie theaters. An old-fashioned popcorn cart, movie posters framed by marquee lighting and thick, dark curtains (which pull double duty as sound dampeners) lining the room will finish off the Hollywood premiere feel.

When shopping for log home furniture, make sure you know the dimensions of your space, and allow for extra clearance where it will be needed. For instance, pool tables come in several sizes, but not only do you need to ensure the table itself will fit, you have to allow enough clearance for players to pull back their cues without a wall or load-bearing support pole getting in the way of the shot.

Trivial Pursuit

When it comes to outfitting a space you will love to spend time in, no detail is too small. Often it’s the little things, like a tile mosaic behind a wet bar, clever cabinet knobs or theme-evoking billiard lighting that brings smiles to the faces of residents and guests alike.

No matter what decorating plan you employ in your game room, it should reflect your interests and personality. If done right, this is the room of the house where friends and family will flock and most of your memories will be made. Let the games begin.

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