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How to Up Your Log Home Curb Appeal

Follow these tips on how to improve your log home curb appeal. This season, give your outdoor spaces a more inviting and exciting look.

Written by Elizabeth Millard
How to Up Your Log Home Curb Appeal
Photo Credit: Joseph Hilliard

Just as the interior of your log home benefits from mixed materials like wood and stone, your landscape can convey that same attractive, welcoming appearance. However, it does take some forethought to ensure your choices are playing nice with each other.

Whether you're starting your landscape project from scrath or revamping an existing area, here are some simple suggestions that can help you to acheive better curb apeal:

Match your interior:

What many people love about a log cabin, no matter the size, is the feeling of the outdoors brought inside. But that idea can also run in the other direction, giving your house and grounds a more cohesive feel. For example, bring internal elements outside by erecting a retaining wall in the same type of stone as your fireplace, or use similar timber sections to edge a garden space. If your home has an overarching "theme," like a breezy coastal vibe or an Asian influence, let that feeling flow outdoors through patio furniture or lighting. Harmonizing indoors and our will make both spaces shine.

Vary your materials:

Wood and stone are the major elements of a log home — both indoors and out — but they come in a number of ways that can add visual appeal. For instance, you might use a lattice of branches as a trellis or a collection of small rocks as cairns to mark the edges of meandering paths. River rocks serve as excellent edging around a pond, and wooden benches that offer a view of the house and gardens are a nice touch as well.

Shape it up:

When using mixed materials in your landscaping, don’t forget to vary the shapes and heights of your elements. Shrubs, grasses and benches that are all the same height and scale can make a space feel cramped. Instead, use ground-cover plants, mid-height trees, tall grasses, short stools and rounded bushes. This will make your area look lush instead of drab.
Photo Credit: fotolia.com/doethion
Once you've put your landscape's major components into place, it's time to add complementary accent pieces and focal points.

Use key accent pieces:

Once you’ve put most of the landscape components into place, it’s time to add a few striking elements that will provide a note of charm or utility — like a handcrafted birdbath or a standalone sculpture. But the key here is to think “accent” as opposed to “hoarder.” It’s very easy to overdo these kinds of pieces, especially if you have several that you love. If that’s the case, swap them out occasionally and stow the others when not in use. Too many accent pieces can feel cluttered (like knickknacks on great-grandma’s shelf) and sabotage the otherwise appealing look of your landscape.
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As you map your landscape, play around with the various materials and elements that can be used, especially as the seasons change. Just like your interior design, you want to feel like you’re celebrating the outdoors in everything you choose.

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