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How to Leave ’Em Absolutely Floored

From funky tile to wide planks of wood, with today’s flooring options, you have more creative license than ever.

Written by Katherine Owen


Many elements of log and timber homes require equal parts beauty and strength: from the giant timbers themselves down to the smallest stones in the fireplace. But nothing takes a beating day in and day out quite like your home’s floors do — and they provide the foundation for your home’s style to boot! 

Wood floors have long held a special place in the hearts of log and timber homeowners thanks to their timeless, natural look. But these days, there is an increasing selection of materials and styles to choose from. Whether you need something to stand up to muddy paws and rough-and-tumble toys or you seek the tried-and-true elegance of hardwood, consider these options both new and old that will leave you, well, floored. 


On the Up-and-Up 

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Also known as LVP, this alternative is on the rise and for good reason. It’s easier on the budget than many traditional materials and stands up to wear-and-tear. Naturally more resistant to scratches and moisture than hardwood, LVP is prime for family homes and vacation retreats where kids and pets — not to mention snow, rain and mud — are a part of everyday life. Not just known for their brawn, companies like Shaw Floors showcase their beauty, too, with collections that mimic the look of wood, stone or tile.


Supersized Scale

In 2023, homeowners are finding bigger is better when it comes to stone, tile, LVP and wood floors. On-trend supersized planks and tiles create an uninterrupted look that visually enlarges a space. When it comes to stone and tile, this approach also requires less grout, resulting in flooring that is both literally and figuratively cleaner. While the trend is particularly popular when it comes to tile and stone, which makes for an undeniably luxe aesthetic, engineered materials get a boost from the sized-up style, too, like the extra-wide engineered European oak hardwood planks from Cali


Pattern Play

Ready to have a little fun with your interiors in form of a (even just so slightly) funky floor? You’re not alone. Expected to be a top flooring trend in 2023, patterned floors are in. Terrazzo-inspired concrete tiles like those from Cle Tile are a quick way to infuse your space with color and whimsy. Or, try something fanciful with marble, like the large herringbone or calico mosaic tiles from MATERIAL Bespoke Stone and Tile.


The Tried-and-True 

Wood Floors

There’s a reason wood flooring has had a hold on homeowners’ hearts for so long. Particularly in log, timber and hybrid homes, the natural beauty and visual warmth that wood brings is hard to beat. While wood floors are not the most invincible of surfaces, it is true that they can last a century or more with proper care in the form of a durable finish and occasional sanding and refinishing when necessary. 

Not just visually warm, wood floors boast thousands of air chambers per cubic inch, meaning they are excellent incubators. Finally, the wide variety available means you can get all the benefits of wood floors with an aesthetic that’s right for your exact style. Add character with reclaimed wood like that from Elmwood Reclaimed Timber or step into Scandi style with simple and subdued light wood floors like those from Stuga.


Field Guide: Wood Species

You’ve decided on hardwood floors. Now, it’s time to pick a species. Much like with a log or timber home’s structure, the details are where you really define your design. Use this guide to navigate the many types of wood floors available to you.


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