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Safe Practices for Your Log Home Fireplace

Stay warm and cozy this season by building the perfect fire for your log home fireplace.

 Photo Credit: Joseph Hilliard


If boosting your energy independence and getting the most bang for your buck factor into your decision to put a wood-burning fireplace or stove into your log home, don’t let your efforts go up in smoke. The kind of wood you burn is just as important as what you burn it in.


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To reduce fireplace emissions and minimize creosote buildup, you’ll want to burn the hottest fires possible. Hard woods, like cherry and oak, burn hotter than softwoods, like pine. For best results, regardless of species, make sure your firewood is well seasoned. Never burn wet wood. This is a surefire way to push smoke and emissions back into your room, as well as create large amounts of creosote, which will coat your chimney and could cause the kind of fire you don’t want.


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