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A Roofing Solution That Saves Time and Money

Everyone who’s building a log home is eager for one thing — move-in day! The faster you can get there, the better. Eagle Panel Systems has a roofing solution that can help shave time (and some labor costs) off of your log home build: IntegrooveTM tongue-and-groove laminated structural insulated panels.
You’ve likely heard of T&G, as well as SIPs, so what’s so special about these? Eagle Panel brings the two together into one highly efficient system. White pine tongue-and-groove is pre-finished (a clear coat is standard, but tinted stain is an option), which is then pre-applied to the SIPs; so as your roof goes in, it’s already looks amazing. Each panel is 4 feet wide and up to 24 feet long, which gives you 96 square feet of framed, sheathed, insulated (up to R-49) and finished roof/ceiling that can be set in 15 to 20 minutes — all in one step — getting you fully under roof in days as opposed to weeks. It also handles snow loads in some of the toughest conditions in North America.
For more details, visit Eagle Panel Systems at eaglepanelsystems.com

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