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This Grill is a Must-Have for Outdoor Entertaining

Where there's a grill, there's a way...

Photo: Burch Barrel
For eons, humans have gathered around fires for food and community. You want a grill that’s communal too. The Burch Barrel is a mobile, stainless-steel firepit perfect for any event from a duck camp to a tailgate.
“We wanted to create 360 degrees of involvement,” says Burch Barrel creator Robert Burch. Grill, smoke, bake or fry with coal or wood with this inventive triangle-standing design that offers versatile cooking options in any location. It’s simple technology with smart features, such as the stoker vent system; shut it to turn the barrel into a smoker or open it to feed the flames.
To make refueling easy, “lock collars” allow you to attach the grill to the lid and lift your food to safety, preventing devastating meat slippage.
Take it on a hunt, bury it in the sand or plant it behind your log home. Made from sturdy cold-rolled steel and aluminum, this product is 100-percent serviceable and has been field-tested to withstand the elements.
The Burch Barrel is a new product that hits the market this summer, just in time for grill season. Be the first person on the block to own one!
To find out more or to place an order, go to burchbarrel.com

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