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Building a Log Guesthouse Diary: Meet the Merrills

A behind-the-scenes look at the planning, designing and building of a Hearthstone Inc. log guesthouse.

Merrill family portrait

Meet the Merrills:

In the search for more space, we (Tennessee residents Kent & Midge Merrill) look to logs to create a charming guest house. Follow our story by clicking on any of the content below, we hope you enjoy reading about our experience as much as we enjoyed planning, designing and building our dream home - and oh yeah, there's plenty more to come.    
Entry # 1 Hearthstone Inc. Log Home PlanPlanning Our Log Guesthouse

Topics covered: Planning, designing, finding land. In my opinion, there are only a few things a person needs out of life to be happy: friends, family—and enough space to spend time with them! That’s where our log home diary begins. We first started thinking about the need for more space when we realized that we didn’t have enough bathrooms for our kids and grandkids (a total of 13 people) when they came for our annual family reunion each summer...(Click to continue)
Entry # 2 Log Home Construction Site4 Log Home Design Tips

Topics covered: Design tips, communicating, decisions. This could have been titled "things we wish we knew when we started the log home building process," in other words, we really could have used this advice. Luckily for you, (if you haven't started building), you can take these tips all the way to the bank! (Click to continue)
Entry # 3 Building a Log GuesthouseBuilding the Log Guesthouse

Topics covered: Building and construction. With the floor plan for our Appalachian-style guesthouse drawn, we get started on construction. Learn more about the actual on-site construction process we went through on the way to our dream log guesthouse! (Click to continue)  
Entry # 4tiny log cabin finished The Finished Product: A Tiny Log Cabin

Topics covered: The final touches. Lots of photos. The finished product is finally here! Enjoy these photos (and one last diary entry) and pore over the floor plans of this cabin guesthouse. Enjoy! (Click to continue)

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