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Design Your Log Home

Here you'll find Log Home Living's best advice on designing your log home or log cabin--both inside and out. Get tips for every room in your house, including inspiration for your log home's furniture, windows, fireplaces, lighting fixtures, furniture, decks, flooring and more.

Unique Log Home Furniture and Decor
Tried-and-true advice for decorating your log home in style.
Designing the Perfect Log Home
The design of your home is dependent on how you want it to function. Learn how to customize your home’s design to your lifestyle.
log home maintenance and wood treatment
Choosing Your Wood Species
Some considerations to keep in mind when selecting the wood species for your log home, plus the details on 23 common species ch...
Burning Desires: Hearth Design
When it comes to how your hearth looks, the options are endless, and the decision is all yours.
log home living magazine
Home Fires
Hearths are popping up in the most unexpected places, reclaiming their rightful place in home design.
log home living magazine
Inside Advantage: The Screened Porch
A screened-in porch lets you get the most out of an endless summer.
Great Escape: Smart Master Bedroom Design
Today's master bedrooms are used for much more than sleeping. These 10 design ideas will help you create the perfect sanctuary.
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Furnishing Your Log Home Room by Room
Decorating an entire home can seem like an overwhelming task. Use these expert tips to break it down to a more manageable job, ...
6 Design Strategies for Great Hearths
The difference between a great log home hearth and merely average one is architectural balance. Cook up a plan that delights al...
Design a Functional Log House Kitchen
Good log home kitchen design is important in any food preparation area, but in one inhabited by a serious cook, it's essential....
Outfitting Your Log Home Kitchen & Bathroom
Four key factors to outfit your kitchen and bathrooms in style.
15 Fabulous Ideas for your Log Home's Master Bath
15 Fabulous Ideas for your Log Home's Master Bath
With a little design inspiration, you can make your log home's master bathroom a rejuvenating retreat. Here are 15 tips to get ...
20 Essentials of Great Log Home Design
Everything you need to know to create a warm, comfortable, attractive log home.
Fireplace Ideas For Your Log Home
The right fireplace facing can be the perfect complement to your home's design and decor.
log home living magazine
Bath Design Do's and Don'ts
Safety is the first priority in designing your bathroom.
Finishing Touches: Interior Log Walls
Your log home's interior walls can reflect your taste and style.
The Basics of Log Home Design
Building a home is an excellent opportunity to make certain your log home design suits your family's needs. Here's how to start.
A Happy Hearth: Fireplace Maintenance Tips
Expert advice on how to maintain the safety of your log home's fireplace or wood-burning stove.

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