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Design Your Log Home

Here you'll find Log Home Living's best advice on designing your log home or log cabin--both inside and out. Get tips for every room in your house, including inspiration for your log home's furniture, windows, fireplaces, lighting fixtures, furniture, decks, flooring and more.

Shade Gardens | 4 Steps to a Perfect Shade Garden Design
Designing a shade garden for the area outside your log home is a breeze with these professional tips.
Staging a Log Home | How To Stage Your Home Before You Sell It
In a buyer's market, selling your log home could be tough. Home staging can make the process a little smoother.
Photos of a Florida Log Home | Sunshine State of Mind | Suwannee River Log Homes
Photos from the article "Sunshine State of Mind: Planning a Florida Log Home."
The Best Interior Paint Colors for Log Cabins
Log homes don't have to be all brown all the time. Here's how to successfully use color (even pink) in your log home or cabin.
Photos of a Lakeside Log Home | Light of the Lake | Andersen Log Homes
Photos from the article "Light of the Lake: Planning a Lakeside Log Home."
Keeping a Log Home Casual | Comfortable and Stylish Log Home Interiors
There's nothing prim and proper about log homes, and kick-your-feet-up style is the only way to go when it comes to log home de...
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Rustic Art | Decor and Artwork from Artists Specializing in Rustic Decor
Need decor ideas for log homes? Look no further than these featured artists-the people behind some of your favorite cabin decor.
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Artwork of Gordan Bryan | Handmade, Decorative Tiles
Artist Profile | Gordon Bryan | Handmade, Decorative Tiles
Material matters when it comes to gorgeous tile—especially if the creator boasts an artist’s pedigree.
Indoor Houseplants for a Log Home
How To Create an Indoor Garden for Your Log Home
Houseplants are a lovely accent to your decor, act as a natural air filter and are easy to care for. Here's how to maintain a g...
How To Childproof Your Log Home without Sacrificing Style
You can childproof your log home without compromising style. Here's how.
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Photos of a Waterfront Log Home | Homecoming Weekend | Country Log Homes
Discover the pictures of this beautiful Upstate New York log home produced by Country Log Homes.
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Building a Log Guesthouse Diary: Meet the Merrills
A behind-the-scenes look at the planning, designing and building of a Hearthstone Inc. log guesthouse.
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Log Home Lighting Ideas | Room-by-Room Lighting Guide for Log Homes
To light different rooms in your home effectively, try these approaches for well-lit log homes.
Practical Lighting Tips for Log Homes
Keep your home well-lit with these practical lighting ideas for log homes.
How To Design a Sunroom for Maximum Sunlight Exposure
A sunroom is a year-round connection to nature in your home. Here's how to design yours for maximum exposure.
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What Are Energy-Efficient Glass Coatings for Windows?
Learn about glass with energy-efficient coatings for windows that can both insulate the room and block out the sun.
How To Grow an Edible Garden
Skip the supermarket and farm stands, and grow your own edible garden with these 8 tips.

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