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Design Your Log Home

Here you'll find Log Home Living's best advice on designing your log home or log cabin--both inside and out. Get tips for every room in your house, including inspiration for your log home's furniture, windows, fireplaces, lighting fixtures, furniture, decks, flooring and more.

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Artwork of Cory Allen | Furniture-Maker | Cabin Decor Ideas
From cabinets to coffee tables, view Cory Allen's beautiful wood furniture work here.
log home living magazine
Artist Profile | Cory Allen | Handcrafted Furniture Maker | Cabin Decor Ideas
Learn more about handcrafted furniture maker Cory Allen, owner of Deciduous Designs in Seattle, as part of our Artist Profile s...
log home living magazine
Photos of a Small Log Home | A Warm Welcome | Barna Log Homes
Discover our gallery of photos showcasing the interior and exterior of this charming log home in Pennsylvania produced by Barna...
outdoor spaces
How To Design Outdoor Living Spaces for Log Homes
With these design tips for log homes, you'll have an outdoor space that pleases both your aesthetic sensibilities and your budget.
log home living magazine
Photos of a Creekside Log Home | Striking It Rich | Heritage Log Homes
Discover pictures of the outside and inside of this quaint log home in California’s Gold Rush country.
log home living magazine
Photos of an Old-Fashioned Log Home | Ken LaCoy Construction
Discover pictures of this old-fashioned log home by Ken LaCoy Construction. Find links to the floor plans and the planning stor...
Exotic Woods for Log Home Decks
Find the perfect exotic wood decking material for the outdoor living spaces on log homes.
How To Create the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen for Your Log Home
Simple tips for designing outdoor kitchens for log homes.
How To Add Personal Decor Style to Your Interior Design
Learn how to integrate your personal style into the interior design of your log home.
log home living magazine
Artwork of Blacksmith Michael Leggett | Log Home Living
From a wagon wheel to wrought iron design, discover the work of artist and blacksmith Michael Legget.
log home living magazine
Artist Profile | Blacksmith Michael Leggett
Learn about Micheal Leggett: a blacksmith prodigy who is self-taught in most areas of the craft.
Design a Snoring Room
Have a snorer in your life? Fear not. We have a solution with a comfortable (and quiet) snore room so everyone can get their zzzs.
How To: De-Clutter Your Log Home | Interior Design for Log Homes
Rid your home of post-holiday clutter and prepare your log home interior for spring with these design tips.
Saving Space in Your Log Home | Chat with Susan Boyle Hillstrom
Susan Boyle Hillstrom discusses space-saving techniques for log homes with her smarter approach to small-space living.
log home living magazine
Photos of Wood Sculptures | James Andison | Artist Profile
Discover the pictures of Sculptor James Andison's work, which mix religious and cultural influences, while conveying his love o...
log home living magazine
Artist Profile | James Andison | Artist & Sculptor | "Divine Intervention"
Learn more about the sculptor and artist James Andison who works with wood.
log home living magazine
Photos of a Winter Cabin in Montana | A Long-Distance Affair | Centennial Log Homes
Discover our gallery of pictures showcasing the exterior and interior of this winter log cabin in Montana produced by Centennia...
log home living magazine
Live the Dream | Finish & Furnish | Log Home Design
Here are a few resources to help you gather everything you need to know to finish and furnish your dream log home.

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