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Design Your Log Home

Here you'll find Log Home Living's best advice on designing your log home or log cabin--both inside and out. Get tips for every room in your house, including inspiration for your log home's furniture, windows, fireplaces, lighting fixtures, furniture, decks, flooring and more.

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Baths with Splash | Designing a Relaxing Bathroom
6 ways you can indulge in a spa-like space without leaving the comfort of home.
A Change of Scenery | Seasonal Interior Design Tips
Changing your home's interior from summer splendor to winter warmth can be as easy as waving a magic wand. Here's how.
log home living magazine
9 Tips for Designing a Hearth
9 hot tips for creating dazzling hearths in any room of the house.
log home living magazine
Kitchens that Sizzle | 3 Kitchen Floor Plan Ideas
No matter what you crave in kitchen design, we have the recipe for success.
log home living magazine
Designing a Home in Snow Country
Bring on the fluffy white stuff. You're not worried, especially with these 10 tips for designing your log home in snow country.
Mud Haven | Mudroom Design Ideas
It's not the most glamorous room in your new home, but it might be the most useful—especially with new designs. Tips for creati...
Stop and Stair | How To Design a Great Staircase
With some planning, your staircase can be both functional and fabulous.
The New Kitchen | Trends in Kitchen Design
What's cooking in today's kitchen design? Plenty. The culinary center of the home is taking a new—and very social—role.
Lofty Aspirations | Tips for Designing a Loft
A log home necessity, your loft is more than just a perch from which to appreciate the impressive view—it's also a blank canvas for your creativity.
log home living magazine
Get in the Zone | What Is Zone Heating?
Many timber-home owners are warming up to the idea of zone heating, a new method that can save you a bundle on your energy bills.
Brilliant Heat | The Latest Hearth Must-Haves
For cozy nights and comfortable days, you can't beat the heat of some of the most innovative hearth products on the market.
log home living magazine
Mudrooms: Down & Dirty | Mudroom Design Ideas
Keep your log home mess-free with a well-designed mudroom.
5 Smart Strategies for Log Home Lighting
How you light your interior spaces can make or break your log home's overall feel. But with so many options to choose from, dec...
log home living magazine
Guiding Light: 5 Smart Strategies for Home Lighting
How you light your interior spaces can make or break your log home's overall feel. But with so many options to choose from, fin...
20 Essentials of Great Log Home Design
Everything you need to know to create a warm, comfortable, attractive log home.
The Living Kitchen | Practical Kitchen Design Tips
Essentials for kitchens that reflect how we really live.
The Buyer's Guide to Cabinetry | Storage for Log Homes
Everything you need to know to find the perfect storage spaces for your kitchen (and baths, too).
Incorporating Natural Light in Your Log Home
Brighten the mood — and lower utility bills — with plenty of natural light.

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