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Honest Abe Now Offers Interior Design Services

After four decades in the business, this log home company takes it to the next level.

Photos: Honest Abe Log Homes
Since 1979, Tennessee-based Honest Abe Log Homes has been helping folks design and build the log homes of their dreams. In 2019, they took their guidance to the next level with the announcement of Cooper & Co., an interior design and decor service, spearheaded by Molly Cooper.
“I’ve been around construction most of my life. My dad taught me to look beyond the plans to see a finished product long before construction starts,” Molly professes, “so I broadened the lessons he taught me by obtaining a degree in interior design.” Now, Molly shares her vision and talent with Honest Abe’s customers who’d like a helping hand putting the entire log package together.
The process starts with a free one-hour consultation, allowing Molly and her team to understand the flow of the space and the lighting needs, discuss budget and determine style preferences. From there, they craft a presentation to solidify the design, and together, Cooper & Co. and the client choose furnishings, fixtures and all the finishing touches that transform a log shell into a real home. The level of detail is extensive, including but not limited to:
•          Interior and Exterior Stain and Paint Options
•          Trim Out Options (Window, Door, Baseboard)
•          Kitchen and Bath
•          Cabinet Design and Layout
•          Furniture, Fixtures and Decor Accessories
•          Bedding
•          Window Treatments
•          Outdoor Living Spaces
•          Custom Projects
•          Seasonal Decorating

“I wholeheartedly believe that everyone should design the home they want now —don’t wait to live your dream,” advises Molly. “I want to make your home all you have ever wanted, whether it’s new construction, a remodel or even just a refresh of what you already have.”
To learn more about Honest Abe Log Homes and Cooper & Co. Interior Design Services, visit honestabe.com/cooper-company.

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