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Design a Snoring Room

Have a snorer in your life? Fear not. We have a solution with a comfortable (and quiet) snore room so everyone can get their zzzs.

Snoring room

Although unconvential, a dedicated snoring room can generate huge benefits for your sleep, your health and your relationship. Photo: James Ray Spahn.

Tired of getting sent out to the couch every night for snoring loudly? If you want to salvage your sleep (and marriage), consider a snoring room. Yes, that's right — a room dedicated entirely to snoring! The concept is simple: a sound-proof chamber set inside the master suite that creates a separate space for the snorer while still keeping him within sight. While people have mixed feelings about creating such a space, it may be a lifesaver for some couples.

Designer Susan Welch Heeney, ASIS, owner of Decorating Studio, LLC, in Nolansville, Tennessee, offers these design tips:

• Set the room off of the master bedroom [within it] so that you don't get the feeling of having "separate bedrooms."

• Be sure to insulate the room very well — otherwise the snoring will still be heard.

• Incorporate the snoring room into the master suite, almost as an alcove, with a feeling of openness into the main part of the master bedroom.

• An insulated glass French door would be a good solution for the door between the snoring room and the main part of the master suite. The French door would visually separate the snoring room from the rest of the bedroom.

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