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Customizing a Stock Home Plan | From Standard Floor Plan to Cozy Chalet

Discover how Katahdin dealer Brian Shreve transformed a standard log home plan into a unique, cozy chalet.

From Stock Plan to Cozy Chalet:
Turning a standard Katahdin log home plan into a unique, cozy chalet
by: AC Davenport | Log Home Design

#2: The Cozy Chalet | McHenry, Maryland

Original Stock PlanWhy They Chose the Plan: Katahdin dealer Brian Shreve is a big fan of the Overlook plan. “I had built this plan for someone else, so I decided to take the plan and change it,” he says. “People really like the chalet style with porches where they can sit out and enjoy the view. This plan affords a beautiful view from the great room, so it’s a perfect fit for the mountains, a lake, anywhere.”

What They Changed: Brian decided to reduce the overall size of the home to 2,600 square feet in order to increase its affordability. He also removed both gazebos and replaced them with porches. In addition, he changed the basic layout of the main floor and the loft. “I wanted to keep it within a certain price range,” explains Brian. “Yet I was able to keep five bedrooms to make it marketable. I kept the master bedroom on the main level so that it appeals to older people as well.”

What’s Noteworthy: Situating the master suite on the main level is a popular trend today that goes hand-in-hand with planning a lifetime home. If you do opt to have your master suite on an upper level, think of ways you can later transform main-level space to accommodate a master bedroom, if necessary. Always keep flexibility at the forefront of your design.

Cozy Chalet Plan

Key Changes:
- Reduced overall square footage by getting rid of main-level powder room and reducing the size of the master suite.
- Extended porch and eliminated gazebos.
- Got rid of fireplace.
- Flipped plan.
- Re-arranged shared bath and two bedrooms upstairs.
- Extended loft across the second level.
- Used L-Shaped staircase

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