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Wood & Logs

As you're planning your log home or cabin, are you looking for a darker wood or a lighter wood? Do you want a knotty grain or a smoother finish? There are many log and wood options to choose from when buying or building a log home or log cabin. Here's a look at some of the options for wood species, log styles, log treatments and more for log homes.

Exploring the Advantages of Engineered Timbers For Your Log Home
Engineered timbers offer log home buyers another wood option.
The Importance of Log Profiles in Design
Shape and corner systems are not only essential to log home construction; they make a design statement.
Crash Course: Handcrafted Log Homes
Here's what sets these iconic log homes apart.
This Book is the Ultimate Guide to Reclaimed Wood
A must-read for log home lovers.
The Lowdown on Hybrids
The Lowdown on Hybrids
Most likely you are going to build a hybrid log or timber home.
The Difference Between Machine-Milled and Handcrafted Log Homes
A quick guide on the difference between machine-milled and handcrafted log homes. Find out which building process works for you!
4 Corner Style Options
How your logs intersect at the corners is one of the most defining features of your home. Check out these different style options.
How Logs Become Walls
Not quite sure how a log home becomes a log home? Here's a basic guide on the whole process!
9 Interface Log Options
Your log profile will influence how the logs are fitted together horizontally. Here are the most common techniques.
9 Log Profile Options
The size and shape of the logs play a big part in your home's look and function. Here's how to navigate your log profile options.
The Ultimate Log Home Wood Guide
Learn more about the ins and outs of wood species, their characteristics and what it takes to make them part of your log home.
7 Types of Popular Log Home Wood
Check out these 7 popular log home wood species to build the right home for you and your family.
Why You Need to Seal Your Log Ends
Logs soak up moisture and can cause rot. Learn about the sealing process and more.
Degraded Wood? Here's How to Fix It
If your log home exterior has degraded wood, we have a few methods to getting the wood to look like new again.
Why Do Some Logs Have Cracks in Them?
Ever wonder why some logs have cracks in them while others don't? Find out how this happens and when you need to be concerned.
Does the Shape of the Log Matter?
When it comes to building your dream home, does the shape of the log determine the quality of the house?
Heart Wood vs Sap Wood: What Does It Mean?
What does heart wood and sap wood mean for your house?
What Does Early Wood and Late Wood Mean?
Learn about early wood and late wood so you pick the best type of log for your dream home.

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