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On-Demand Webinar: Should You Hire a Log Home Consultant?

Calm Your Fears, Protect Your Budget with a Log Home Consultant

Bar IV Log Homes Consulting




On-Demand Webinar: Should You Hire a Log Home Consultant?

Choosing to build a log home is no small feat. It’s exciting but can be a bit scary and intimidating at the same time.


Wouldn’t it be great to have someone who has intimate industry knowledge by your side to help you choose the right producer, avoid costly mistakes and stay on budget? Why not consider hiring a log home consultant?


This free webinar, hosted by Bar IV Log Homes Consulting, will discuss how a log home consultant can ease your mind and protect your budget throughout the process. We’ll cover:

-       When the best time to engage a consultant is

-       Understanding goals and needs

-       The types of services you can expect

o   Defining budgets and affordability

o   Researching companies

o   Streamlining the proposal process

o   Providing side-by-side comparisons

o   Analyzing overall costs

o   And more!


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 Bar IV Log Homes Consulting

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