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Log Home Mart

Company Details

Address: 4429 Plover Road
City: Wisconsin Rapids
State: Wisconsin
Zipcode: 54494
Phone: 8004261002

Log Home Mart

Why our logs are better than most other companies? Longer lengths. On our Quarter Log and the Half Log we offer up to 16' lengths. Some companies are predominantly 8' long with a few 10 footers thrown in (ask them). We are predominantly 10' to 16' long with a few 8 footers thrown in. Longer logs mean less seams and a better looking home.

Why are our Half Logs easier to install? Our Half Logs are all run through a huge planer mill to make each one have the same stack height. Some other companies only rough saw them. Therefore, you or your installer will spend less time on the job trying to line up the rows and less time on the job. Time is money and labor is exponential.

Also, Our Half Logs are kiln dried, making them lighter to work with. We also kiln dry our Half Logs before shaping them. Therefore, once they are milled they are more exact in size.

Why should I use Half Log vs Quarter Log? They both look great. However, to achieve the authentic look of a full log home you should use Half Log rather than Quarter Log. The Half Log is undistinguishable from a full log home because of the hidden fastening system that we use.

Quarter Logs are "face nailed". You can see the fasteners if you look closely.

Explain the different Log Textures that Log Home Mart has available. Let's start with Smooth: Smooth to us is the finish you get when we send the log through our planer molder. It is smooth, but not glass smooth. It is not sanded.

Peeled is what we call a finish that looks like a log has been stripped of its bark. Peeled is rustic and popular with 95% of our customers no matter what their budget might be.

Hand Peeled is when we take a handheld tool use it to peel the log. The hand peel is a little more random than our regular peel and is available for an extra 50 cents per lineal foot, per side.

Hand Hewn is typically only used on flat logs. This makes it look like it was axed or chiseled like they did on old Appalachian log cabins.

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