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Log Homes in Waterside Settings

From an artificial pond to a passing river, get inspired by a few of these charming waterside log homes.

Of all the popular settings log homes enjoy, water is the most welcoming. Mountains and woods may be wonderful to look at, but only water invites you to join it. Lakes, rivers, even ponds offer refreshing recreation and serenity that make log homes joys to be at and to behold.

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Bridge to Somewhere

Shoreline settings enrich the beauty and character of log homes while offering the perfect vista to angle them toward, especially decks and porches.

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Plain and Simple

A lone bench or a shady porch is all you need to enjoy the calming scenery of a passing river. And any log home is sure to catch the eye of boaters.

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At Water’s Edge

Having access to the water is even more pleasant when the home sits among the trees, providing privacy that allows you to orient activity toward the backyard.

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Whatever Floats Your Boat

When you want a waterside home but there’s no water, the obvious solution is to build your own pond, as these homeowners did. That’s lots easier to do than building a mountain for a hilltop home.

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Port of Call

Building close to the water brings you a better view, but it’s practically an open invitation to passing boats to pop in for a better look at the beauty of your log home.

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What’s Up, Dock?

Waterside settings don’t require fancy homes to stand out. The fact that they’re log is all that matters. Likewise, you don’t need an elaborate platform where you can sit and enjoy the tranquil surroundings.

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