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A Typical Log Home Construction Schedule

Every log home construction timeline is different depending on the contractor, weather and region, but an overview of the process can help you plan out when the first shovel hits the dirt to when you’re finally moving in to your dream home.

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The most exciting part of buying your log home is seeing it progress from drawing board to reality. This can also be an anxious time. Frustration sometimes stems from seeing how quickly the logs go up — often in less than a week — but how slowly work proceeds from then on. The reason is that the logs are by far the home’s most substantial material and, once stacked, suggest the home is almost ready. Not so. Given the vagaries of the weather, scheduling and project complexity, a precise timeline is impossible to determine, but anywhere from six months to two years is usual. The average is 11 months.

Unless you intend being involved in your home’s construction, the details needn’t concern you. A basic understanding of the process, however, will help you track what’s going on.

From a construction standpoint, log homes aren’t that different from any custom-built home. Check out this timeline to figure out when you’ll be living in your new home:


1. Begin a Construction Schedule

Give notice to building permit office, financial institution, insurance agent, subcontractors and zoning boards.


See also: Expert Advice: Site Specs, Code Compliance and the Value of a Structural Engineer


2. Prepare the Site

Call excavation contractor to confirm work schedule, cut or grade entrance road or driveway, install culverts, spread crushed stone, clear building site and make a material storage area, dig a basement excavation, haul or store the dirt.


3. Make a Water Well

Call water well contractor to confirm work schedule and drill a water well.


4. Make a Septic System and Drain Field

Call septic contractor to confirm work schedule and install a septic tank and drainfield.


5. Install Temporary Utilities

Call contractors and utilities to confirm work schedule, install temporary toilet facilities, install temporary electricity, call for inspections as needed.


6. Dig Footings

Locate and dig footings and pier pads, install access pipe for under-foundation utilities.


7. Call for Pest Protection

Apply pest protection chemicals.


8. Pour a Foundation

Install forms for poured concrete foundation, call for foundation inspection, pour concrete foundation, and install waterproofing or insulation.


9. Install a Subfloor

Install subfloor, beams, posts as required.


10. Backfill and Rough Grade

Backfill around foundation and rough grade a slope for a lawn.


11. The Log Home Package is Delivered

Confirm amount of final payment for logs, confirm amount due for delivery charges, arrange to have certified checks available, prepare material storage area, and assemble equipment/manpower to unload logs.


See also: A Primer on Log Home Packages


12. Unload and Store the Logs and Materials

Unload materials and protect per instructions, and check the materials against shipping manifest.


13. Weathertight the Log Shell and Interior Partitions

Erect log walls following construction manual, install windows and doors per plan, erect interior wall partitions, and install roof system and sheathing.


14. Finish the Roof

Install roofing felt, flashing and shingles. See also: Choosing a Log Home Roof


15. Erect the Fireplace and Chimney

This step varies if you are installing a pre-fabricated fireplace or wood stove.


16. Install Plumbing

Install rough plumbing system and call for a plumbing inspection.


17. Install Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Install rough HVAC ductwork and equipment and call for a mechanical inspection.


18. Electrical

Install rough electrical wiring and service panel and call for an electrical inspection.


19. Call for a Framing Inspection


20. Pour Interior and Exterior Concrete

Pour concrete floors, driveways and walkways.


21. Install Ceiling Insulation


22. Install Wall Insulation and Soundproofing


23. Install Interior Walls and Ceilings

Install gypsum wallboard and tape.


24. Paint, Stain and Add Wallcoverings

Apply interior paint, stain, wallcoverings, apply exterior paint, stain, preservatives, and apply interior and exterior chinking and caulking.


25. Finish Floor Coverings

Install hardwood flooring, install resilient or ceramic tile, install padding and carpet.


26. Install Interior Finish and Trim

Install interior doors and hardware, interior window and door trim, baseboard base and shoe, wall moldings, chair rails, cabinets and countertops, vanities, bars, soap dishes, mirrors, closet shelves, poles, hardware, stair treads, railings, balusters, medicine cabinets, tub and shower doors, rods, etc.


27. Finish Plumbing

Install plumbing fixtures and appliances and call for final inspection.


28. Finish HVAC

Install final HVAC equipment and test and call for a final inspection.


29. Finish Electrical

Install fixtures, appliances, outlet covers, etc., and call for a final inspection.


See also: How to Plan Your New Log or Timber Home's Electrical Needs


30. Exterior Finish and Trim

Install window and door trim, install fascia, frieze and rake boards, soffit and porch ceilings, porch posts and railings, gable louvers, soffit vents, garage door and door opener, and gutters and downspouts.


31. Add Landscaping

Finish grading, seeding, sodding and shrubbery.


32. Final Building Inspection

Inspect work of subcontractors and make punch list, review punch list (deficiencies) with contractors, re-inspect building after corrections and accept work, obtain lien waivers and approve final payment, call for final building inspection, obtain an occupancy permit, notify financial institution and insurance company of completion, switch insurance to homeowners policy, and notify any other agencies of completion.




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