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The Major Threats to a Log Home’s Wood

Log homes can take a beating over time. Here are five threats to any log cabin, and how WOODguard® can help you keep your exterior wood looking its best.

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Photo: ISK Biocides, Inc.
Wood exteriors take a lot of abuse. From UV rays and water, to termites and fungus, the forces of nature relentlessly attack from all directions. If your log home or siding is showing some wear, it’s probably time to give it the protective treatment and fresh finish it deserves.  
Here are five threats to your home’s wood and how a stain like WOODguard could help: 

Threat: Water

Over time, water can seriously compromise the structure and appearance of your wood. WOODguard’s oil-based formula penetrates deep to provide long-term protection and water repellency.   

Threat: Insects and Fungus

WOODguard contains the active ingredient Copper 8 – quinolinolate. In addition to being a blast to say—it’s highly effective against insects, such as termites and anobiid powderpost beetles. For control of carpenter bees, add Bee Gone® to your WOODguard. And you can forget fungus, because WOODguard’s formula helps fight against surface blue stain, fungi, molds and mildew.  

Threat: UV Rays

WOODguard contains UV blockers to help ensure that long-term exposure to sunlight won't strip the wood of its natural oils and beauty. Tinted versions of WOODguard provide significantly more protection from UV rays than clear.  

Threat: Trapped Moisture

WOODguard penetrates the wood but doesn’t form a film, allowing the wood to breathe. This is the key to preventing internal decay and other long-term issues due to trapped moisture.  

Threat: Aging

A properly applied WOODguard finish will last and protect from the elements for years. The key to its longevity is to apply liberally, with a heavy brush coat or low-pressure pump up sprayer. Back brush to ensure maximum coverage and work the product well into the wood with the brush. For more detailed product information and a walkthrough of the WOODguard application process, check out this helpful video from ISK Biocides.  

Photo: ISK Biocides, Inc.

How WOODguard Can Help:  

With nearly 40 years of performance to back it up, ISK Biocides’ WOODguard stain and wood preservative lives up to its reputation as an effective, all-in-one solution for beautifying and preserving log homes, siding, roofs and fencing.   Having now expanded the WOODguard line to cover log home interiors (WOODguard ITF), docks, decks and beyond, ISK’s original WOODguard formula remains a top choice for finishing and year-round protection of exterior wood.  

It's Completely Compliant

WOODguard’s formula is EPA-registered and meets current VOC standards set by the Ozone Transport Commission (OTC), as well as the most stringent limits set by California. WOODguard is among the best of products on the market in VOCs, especially when compared to multiple coat products.  Learn more about VOC emissions here.  

It Does Two Jobs at Once

WOODguard is both a powerful wood protectant and an attractive exterior stain that preserves the appeal of your wood’s natural appearance. It penetrates deep into the wood to protect it and forms a breathable finish that won’t crack or peel.  

It's Easy to Use

One liberal coat with a low-pressure sprayer and some back brushing is all that’s needed to properly apply WOODguard. Years down the road, subsequent coats require no stripping for surface prep—just a simple wash will do. WOODguard only requires one coat to be effective. This makes for a quick weekend project that you don’t have to babysit.  

It's Versatile

WOODguard can be used on log homes, shingle and shake roofs, siding and fences—especially rough-sawn lumber, old weathered wood and new porous woods. Available in clear or six factory colors, WOODguard can easily be tinted to a custom color by your dealer.   (HINT: For use on docks, decks and pilings, check out WOODguard® SWO.)  
WOODguard® and WOODguard ITF® are registered trademarks of IBC Manufacturing Company. 
BEE Gone® is a registered trademark of ISK Americas Incorporated.  
This content is sponsored by ISK Biocides, Inc.

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