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This Solar-Powered Water-Pumping System is Great for Off-Grid-Living

This product solves all problems of electricity and water, so you can continue to live as deep into nature as you please.

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It’s no surprise that the vast majority of log homes are slightly off the beaten path. But often, that also means they are slightly off the grid, too — and not just when it comes to electricity, but also water. Living in remote locations can mean relying on alternative energy sources and a well over public waterworks. How you get that water out of the ground matters.
Enter products like The SubDrive SolarPAK, a solar-powered water-pumping system from Franklin Electric.
The SubDrive SolarPAK includes:
•    Franklin Electric 4-inch submersible motor
•    Franklin Electric 4-inch submersible pump
•    SubDrive Solar controller
•    Flow switch with 30 foot (10 m) cable
•    Variety of flow rates motor and drive ratings
Features include:
•    High flow system for faster tank fill and significant water output
•    Proven motor and pump technology for long-term reliability
•    Robust IP55, NEMA 3 drive enclosure minimizes impact of wildlife, insects, dust and weather
•    DC/AC power inputs with auto-switching between the solar array and an AC backup source
•    Simple installation and no required maintenance
•    Built-in diagnostics and protection
•    And more!
For the full list of specs and features, visit franklinwater.com

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