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Solar Panels For Your Log Home

If your planned log home location is in a highly remote area where bringing electricity in could be expensive or if you just want to be energy independent, solar panels may be the solution.

For one thing, huge, unsightly solar panels are a thing of the past thanks to new innovations such as solar thin film technology, which are sold in rolls and reduces cost in materials and installation.
Solar windows are another newer option for homes. Companies such as Solar Window Technologies are creating glazing that has been treated with an electricity-generating coating that is transparent but is able to convert sunshine into energy. And they claim that the return on investment for these windows can be as little as one year.
Then there are companies like Tesla — yep, the car company — who have taken the science behind the first commercially successful electric car and transferred it to create the Powerwall, an affordable, long lasting battery for residential use. These lithium-ion batteries collect the energy produced by the solar collecting panels and distribute it when there is no sunshine.
In addition to the long-term savings you can enjoy by generating your own electricity, there are more immediate financial advantages: The federal government offers a 30% tax credit for harnessing solar power, and almost every state has some other type of incentive, with the largest being Hawaii at a 35% tax credit.  Depending on where the home is located, you could see a return on your initial investment in half the time if you take advantage of these incentives.
These are just a few examples of how harnessing solar energy for log homes has become more practical, and less obtrusive, than ever before.
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Published on: November 23rd, 2016

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