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Ski Lodge Photos | Produced by PrecisionCraft Log Homes

Discover a series of pictures of the interior and exterior of this Idaho log-and-timber beauty by PrecisionCraft Log Homes.

by: Holly Smith | photography: Roger Wade

An Idaho log-and-timber beauty showcases an innovative design that blends seamlessly into the rugged mountain landscape.


Planning a Ski Lodge

Home by: PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes  
 precisioncraft log home
An Idaho log-and-timber beauty showcases an innovative design that blends seamlessly into the rugged mountain landscape.

 snow covered log home
The beautiful log-and-timber hybrid home covered in snow.

 log home in winter
Elegant, strong and connected to its winter environment and surroundings.

 snow-covered log home dormers
A well-lit log home interior brightens the snow-covered home to any onlooker.

 log home outdoor fireplace
The double-sided fireplace-which also serves as the great room-provides abundant warmth on wintry Idaho nights.

log home great room
The great room and kitchen merge into a convivial space for family and friends. Natural hues offer an homage to the Idaho countryside and complement the rich texture of the Douglas fir logs.

log home hearth
A unique blend of wood features-square, dovetailed logs on the walls and timber trusses overhead-amplifies the allure of the great room.

log home kitchen
Stainless steel appliances and streamlined lighting play chic supporting roles to the grand timbers enveloping the kitchen. Squared and distressed, the timber accents are a favorite flourish among family and guests.

log home dining room
Rustic elegance envelops the log home's dining area, and the authentic wood dining room table offers a warm welcome to hungry guests.

log home loft
Nowhere do the Douglas fir trusses appear more striking than from the loft. Seeming to frame the natural-stone fireplace and angular windows across the great room, the timbers-all heavily adzed-bring an additional dash of grandeur to an already magnificent space.

log home bedroom
Upscale yet understated, the furnishings in the home's bedrooms complement-rather than compete with-the sophisticated timber accents surrounding them.
bedroom in log home
Understated bedroom furnishings, including crimson window treatments and a bed as sturdy as a draft horse, match the rustic harmony found throughout the room.

log home bathroom
Honey-colored wood frames the master bathroom's mirror and windows, offering a visual connection with the home's Douglas fir logs.

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