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Reader Spotlight: Revisiting a Log Home Renovation

Revisiting old friends as they complete Phase 2 of their cabin’s remodel.

 Compiled by Griffin Suber
In 2017, we spoke with Suzanne and Vince Troiano about how they transformed their New Jersey lakeside log home fixer-upper into a 75-year-young rustic marvel. When we left them, the couple was planning to address the exterior vinyl siding that entombed the 1,000 square foot cabin’s logs.
Vince: Years ago, we wanted to build a log cabin; we ended up rehabbing one instead.
We knew we’d have to do the renovation in two phases. First, we gutted and updated the interior. Then we brought back the exterior. When we stripped the vinyl siding, we discovered there was significant rot underneath. That’s why the previous owners covered it up. We made the structural repairs, but it was cost prohibitive to have a professional come in and media-blast the logs to make it look right. Our solution was to get half-log siding.
So it’s a full log cabin on the inside with a 3-by-10 hand hewn half log siding exterior with 4 inches of blown-in insulation between the two layers.  Now, the place is super warm, looks right and is structurally sound.
We’ve been here five years and we’re so happy. They don’t make many lakeside log cabins in central Jersey, so we had to move a little farther out to the country to get what we wanted. Now I feel like I’m on vacation every day. 

See where the Troianos’ log home restoration all began!

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