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Reader Spotlight: A Log Home Built From Scratch

An Air Force vet and his family build a woodland log home from scratch.

Compiled by Griffin Suber
Before John Blenkush built his second log home in the woodlands of Chico, California, he worked on jets in the Air Force. “It’s basically the same thing as a cabin,” he jokes. “It’s still a structure, it still has electrical, it still has a bathroom — it’s just a different shell.” With this mindset coupled with his technical skills, John, his wife Nancy and their grown kids Devon, Mike and Shawn, were able to build their log home from scratch.
JB: We did all of the work ourselves, everything except for the internal sprinkler system. We built it up from the dirt. It was a labor of love.
The structure has a huge window wall that faces west so we get beautiful sunsets and can watch the wildlife. This is in the great room where the fireplace is at.
The property already had a driveway and a well, so we had the power brought up to a pole (we ran it underground ourselves — 3,000 feet of PEX tubing). We put in radiant-floor heat for the winter months. The house sits on a little knoll that looks down into the valley and across to the coastal range. Like I tell my wife … this is the best treehouse anybody could ever have.
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