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A Cozy Christmas Cabin Tour

A love nest with southern charm and pioneer panache for famed TV host Jack Hanna.

Written by Jessica Bizik
Photography by Heidi Long
It's a zoo out there. And no one knows this better than globetrotting syndicated TV-show host Jack Hanna, who spends his days in the wild exploring nature's beasts. So it's no surprise that when he's home, it's all about comfort and ease. He applied this same notion to his charming guest cabin on the family farm just outside of Bigfork, Montana, that he shares with his wife, Suzi.

Love Nest

Measuring just 760 square feet, this jewel box of a house was designed for maximum fun in minimal space. It's a setting that easily sleeps (and feeds) four. Dubbed Elk Cabin for its location on an old elk farm, this mini-getaway is so sweet and secluded that Jack sometimes calls it "The Honeymoon Suite."

Southern Charm

Part of what makes Elk Cabin so romantic is its air of authenticity, modeled after log homes that Jack remembers as a kid in Tennessee. There isn't a lick of drywall in the guest cabin—just 8-by-12-inch white pine logs from Idaho and a few touches of fragrant juniper with purple and red undertones.

Pioneer Panache

For timeless appeal, the crew minimized reminders of the modern world without eliminating any creature comforts. "We hid the TV, refrigerator, dishwasher and all the electrical work behind custom panels designed to match the cabinetry," says friend and builder Randy Baker. Outside the cabin sits a true piece of history: a covered wagon (built by one of Jack's close friends) that was driven hundreds of miles for the Treasure State's 1993 centennial celebration. 

Home Details:

Square footage: 760
Builder: Randy Baker
Designer: Snow Country Construction Log
Producer: Log Crafters Log & Timber Homes

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