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8 Smart Ways to Cut Costs When Building a Log House

How can you cut costs when building a log house? A bit of time and effort could pay off in the long run, if you know what you are doing. Here are 8 tips to get your started:

1. Educate yourself. The money you think you have saved in one phase may cost you in another.

2. Do the work yourself... if you have the time and knowledge. Thirty to 40 percent of the final cost of a log home is labor.

3. Serve as your own general contractor. Just keep in mind that you will need to hire and schedule all subcontractors. Also, some lenders will not approve loans unless a professional contractor is building the home or acting as builder of record.

deck cutting costs How big of a deck do you really need?

cost cutting carpeting Carpeting instead of hardwood floors is not only cozy, but a good way to cut costs when building a log house.

4. When designing the home, keep it simple. Corners and angles in construction mean time and money.

5. Use modest finishing materials and amenities: carpet rather than hardwood and vinyl instead of tile.

6. Decks are expensive to build, so make sure you will need the deck space you design for the home.

7.Choose your windows carefully. Vinyl windows cost less than wood windows.

8. Design only the square footage that you need. It’s better to have a smaller home with the amenities you want rather than a larger one without them.

Thinking about building it yourself?

You can certainly build your own home. Some companies offer log packages that have some or all of the logs precut and numbered according to a plan that you can follow to assemble them correctly.

Many manufacturers also have detailed construction manuals and even offer training courses and on-site technical assistance to help you get started right.

However, it’s important to honestly assess your skill set and capabilities. Just because you watch HGTV doesn’t make you a carpenter.

Could you assemble a new pickup truck that you bought as a kit? Some can, but most others can’t. If you are a good carpenter, though, and have the time, a good set of tools and a strong back (logs are heavy), then it’s certainly something I think you should explore.

Building your own home can give you a sense of pride and accomplishment unlike no other.

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