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Photos of Washington Island, Wisconsin | Log Home Living's Great Places to Build a Log Home

As part of series on great places to build log homes, here are some photos of the beautiful Washington Island in Wisconsin.

Photos of Washington Island, Wisconsin
"Fair Isle" | Great Places | Log Home Living
by: Clare Martin | Log Home Living

It may be small in size, but Wisconsin’s Washington Island is big on community and charm.

 Cherry Train Station | Washington Island, WI
A ride on the Cherry Train (pulled behind the red pickup of longtime island resident Ed Livingston) is the best way to get acquainted with the history of Washington Island.

 Flowers in Vases | Washington Island Art & Nature Center
Located in an old schoolhouse, the island’s Art and Nature Center features a gallery of local artwork, as well as exhibits on nearby flora and fauna.

Schoolhouse Beach | Washington Island, Wisconsin
The polished white pebbles of Schoolhouse Beach give it an unforgettable vista. (But don’t even think about putting one in your pocket to take home as a souvenir—it’s illegal!)

View from Lookout Tower | Washington Island, Wisconsin
Climb to the highest point on the island (the Lookout Tower at Mountain Park), and you’ll be rewarded with views that stretch on for miles.

Stavkirke Church | Scandinavian Archtecture
The Scandinavian architecture of the Stavkirke (a church built entirely by community volunteers) is an homage to the island’s status as the first Icelandic settlement founded in North America.

Weather Road Sign | Bitter End
A weathered road sign outside Nelsen’s Hall cheekily makes reference to the tavern’s most famous drink, Angostura Bitter’s, a 90-proof stomach tonic that was served under a pharmacy license during prohibition.


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